A Brief Introduction to the Faculty of Business


       The Faculty of Business Administration at Dokuz Eylül University provides a curriculum that is offered fully in English to a total of 2239 students. The Faculty is divided between five departments. These departments are Business Administration, Economics, Tourism Management, International Relations and International Business and Trade. The Faculty currently has a total of 107 highly qualified academic staff that consists of 22 Professors, 21 Associate Professors, 21 Assistant Professors, 7 Lecturer, 1 Academic Specialist and 35 Research Assistants.

        In terrms of physical facilities, there exist; 22 classrooms, 2 smart classrooms, 2 computer laboratories, 1 conference hall, academics’ and administrative staffs’ offices.

       The education priorities at the Faculty of Business can be summarized as the personalization of education, globalization and modernization of education standards.

       The maximum number of students in each class is 40. The fact that classes are held with such a small number of students and the ‘open door’ policy creates a positive communications climate for students. These two policies are of great importance to the Faculty in achieving its goal of personalization of education, since students can easily satisfy the need to exchange information and plan for their future careers. Our students also have the opportunity to sign up to different majors and minors held in various fields to shape their education according to their interest. In addition students can participate in national and international projects carried out by faculty members. As a result, the majority of our students has access to internship opportunities and upon graduation quickly finds well respected jobs.

       Managed entirely by our students, the Faculty Club continues to have a big impact on the students’ personal and social development. With the support of Faculty Administration every year they bring together many activities such as seminars, meetings, summits, workshops and carrier days.

       The priority of modern education methods is supported by the presence of innovative curriculums, modern technological facilities (303 computers, 105 printers, 39 projectors, 18 Television sets etc.) and innovative software. In addition, seminars and workshops on diverse learning strategies and teaching methods help faculty members to keep update with current developments on teaching technologies.

       With the newly introduced Social Responsibility Projects course students plan and direct a group-project that both contribute to their education and society as a whole.

       The Faculty’s goal is to provide every student with an international experience before graduation. Therefore the Faculty has Erasmus agreements with 37 schools branched across multiple countries in Europe and student exchange and dual diploma agreements with leading schools in the United States, Japan, China, South Korea, Great Britain and Jordan. These agreements allow for the student to study abroad for a semester or a year, take part in internships programs and gain experience, follow online classes in partner universities, and receive a double diploma from partners in the United States, France or the Netherlands, which will play an important role in the development of their careers.Every year in May an International Week is organized where over 20 faculty members from foreign Universities are invited to give lectures in various fields and many partner Universities are introduced. More than 50 foreign students visit our faculty each semester to study. In summary we provide an excellent international environment to explore different cultures and economies.

       In conclusion, as a Faculty where students aren’t lost in the crowd, education is provided using the most modern materials and techniques, and students are equipped with the latest scientific knowledge and skills required for a life in a global work environment; the Faculty of Business train graduates that have developed social and cultural values, are highly motivated and are capable of thriving in a globally competitive surrounding. 


       The Faculty of Business at Dokuz Eylül University was in established 1992 to meet the needs of the Aegean and surrounding regions as an internationally recognized higher institution that provided a business education in English.

       The first foundations of our institute were laid within the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences with the creation of the English taught Business Department in 1988. Later in 1992, with the inclusion of departments Economics and International Relations, we were the first faculty to provide business education in English other then the Business Faculties in Ankara and Istanbul. After the Faculty of Arts and Sciences- Tourism Management Department (1994), joined the International Business and Trade Department in 2008; the Faculty of Business started providing education in English in five fields.

       The Faculty of Business that was initially housed within the DEU Dokuz Çeşmeler campus was located to the DEU Tınaztepe campus in the year 2000 and from then on has continued its service to its students.

       Since its establishment, the Faculty of Business has achieved many firsts such as;

Firsts of the Faculty of Business Administration in Turkey

The Firsts of the Faculty of Business in Izmir:

The Firsts of the Faculty of Business at the University:


With the help of bilateral and dual diploma agreements, academic cooperation and international weeks; undergraduate and graduate students get the opportunity to immerse themselves in an international platform where they can study at partner universities overseas, meet different cultures and study in an environment that will help prepare them for their future career. Each year, foreign students from different countries travel to our Faculty to study.  Our students have opportunity to study  in countries such as, Great Britain, Italy, France, Switzerland, Germany, Australia, Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Lithuania, Poland, Slovenia; Europe, China, Jordan, South Korea and the United States.


The Faculty of Business at Dokuz Eylül University currently houses a total of 83 highly qualified academic staff that consists of 9 Professors, 9 Associate Professors, 28 Assistant Professors, 6 Lecturer, 1 Academic Specialist and 30 Research Assistants. More than  25% of this staff has completed their graduate studies in educational institutions abroad, but almost all have graduated from undergraduate and/or educational institution that offer degrees in English.

In order to ensure an application unity, the University frequently invites leading administrators as guest speakers. From time to time these administrators are also brought in to teach classes to provide awareness about practices.

Our faculty consists of a young and dynamic academic staff that has a high average for international mobility.  Thus this provides the faculty a great advantage in terms of adopting an innovative approach and reaching international standards. Coupled with their growing potential for publication, the fact that our staff has taken part in national and international scientific projects, won project awards continues to be a point of pride for our Faculty.

The projects, consultations, joint activities undertaken by faculty members for private and public institutions has allowed for the close monitoring of business developments and provided important opportunities for the advancement of both students and staff.

Also by adopting service-oriented and dedicated approach the twenty one administrative staff has, since the establishment of the faculty, been one of its greatest supporters and the main reason for the success that was achieved.

Years Number of Current Students
2014-2015 1965
2015-2016 1983
2016-2017 2239


Years Number of Graduated Students
2014-2015 284
2015-2016 276
2016-2017 343