Exchange & Academic Colloboration Programs

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Incoming Student

ACADEMIC YEAR Business Economics International Relations Tourism Management   International Trade & Business TOTAL
2015-2016 29 4 5 5 3 46
2016-2017 20 1 1 7 6 35
2017-2018 9 1 6 5 1 22
2018-2019 7 3 3 1 14
2019-2020 9 5 2 5 21
2020-2021* 3 2 3 1 3 12
2021-2022* 18 1 5 2 3 29
2022-2023 22 3 4 2 4 35
2023-2024 12 2 16 1 31

Outgoing Student

ACADEMIC YEAR Business Economics International Relations Tourism Management  International Trade & Business TOTAL
2015-2016 28 13 9 9 15 74
2016-2017 17 11 9 9 6 52
2017-2018 21 16 7 8 14 66
2018-2019 28 11 7 9 13 68
2019-2020 23 14 8 6 14 65
2020-2021* 8 5 3 2 18
2021-2022* 23 11 11 4 15 64
2022-2023 11 8 10 2 9 40
2023-2024 12 6 10 4 11 43

*Pandemi Years


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ERASMUS + is an  EU education programme supporting the multilateral collobration among European Higher Education Institutions.

The programme promotes student and staff (academic or administrative) exchanges and   international projects relevant with the priorities EU.   The objective of the programme is to improve quality in  the higher education and stimulate  European integrity.  Thus, Erasmus+ programme aims  promoting the collobration of universities, supporting student and staff exchanges,  and  contribuating the academic recognition of studies and degrees. Faculty of Business is implementing  Erasmus Program since 2003, welcomes and sends around  1000  students of around 70 partners.


Mevlana Exchange Programme  promotes the  exchange of students and academic staff. Program is established  with  the regulation of Turkish Higher Education Council  that published in  August 2011. It aims to getting know Turkish Culture as well as other cultures, strengthen international cooperation and quality of education.  One term of exchange  is  granted for students and one week of exchange is granted for academic staff.  Faculty of Business has two Mevlana  agreements.


Faculty of Business has signed three double degree agreements with State University of New York, Albany Campus at 2014.  Agreement covers the fields of business, economics, and international relations.  Students who will study in these programs has to   spend freshman and sophomore years in  İzmir ; junior and senior years in Albany to obtain double diploma upon graduation.


Erasmus program which is in force for 2021-2028 emphasize virtual mobility, blended mobility and diversity.   BIP and COIL are the instruments of blended mobility & virtual mobility. These activities highlight the development of multi-cultural & international learning among the different cultures to provide tolerance to diversities for empowering empathy.


Faculty of Business is a leading university in the field of Turkish – South Korean relations and has agreements with Korea’s leading universities such as Hanyang, Kyungpook National, Chungang and University of Seoul and Dong-a. Undergraduate students fitting the requirements can benefit from student exchange in one of these universities. Hanyang and Kyungpook National University are also part of Mevlana agreement. Hanyang is a globally acclaimed university in Seoul that provides important research and study opportunities ( Chungang is a leading Korean university in Seoul that is part of Doosan group of Korea ( University of Seoul is an important public university which is funded and supported by Seoul Metropolitan Goverment ( National University in Daegu offers a unique experience in Korean business and provides internship opportunities for exchange students ( Dong-a is an important university in Busan; the biggest port city of South Korea ( For further information regarding the universities and exchange process for Korea please contact Korea Representative  Associate Prof. Dr. Ulaş Çakar ( ).


Far east is an interest of many people with its belief system, way of living, culture, growing economy and philosophy. Faculty of Business provides unique oppurtunities to be an exchange student in China. The Exchange programmes represents two universities in China, Southeast University and Shanghai University of International Business and Economics. South East University (SEU) ( is located in Nanjing which is the former capital of China. Shanghai Univesrity of International Business and Economics (SUIBE) ( is located in Shanghai and it is soley devoted to business and economics. There are no other faculties. We invite all the students to make use of this advantage.

It is important to note that the agreements between DEU and Chinese universities are bilateral and they are not under MEVLANA programme yet. For further information, please contact Associate Prof. Dr. Berna Kırkulak Uludağ (


Faculty is member of Nice Network, Businet and NIBS.  Being member of these networks is the consequence of her internalization strategy.   These networks deal with global business education to foster the quality of (international) education.





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