Dokuz Eylül University Faculty of Business
Address : Doğuş Cad. 207/A Tınaztepe Yerleşkesi 35390 – Buca İZMİR
Phone : (232) 453 50 60
Student Office : (232) 453 50 68
Fax : (232) 453 50 62
E-mail :

DEU Faculty of Business


Airport: Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport (232) 274 24 05
Bus: The Turkish bus system is comprehensive and you can get about anywhere from anywhere. Fares are low. Simply show up at the bus station (“otogar”) and announce your destination.
Inner city Transportation: Izmir offers a variety of public transportation, such as public busses, trams, mini-busses, taxi cabs and dolmus.
Dolmus: Dolmus literally means “filled up”. Dolmus is a large cab, a station wagon, a regular taxi or a minibus that travels a certain route. Most major public transportation stations have a dolmus station, where you just take a seat in the dolmus that travels your desired route. The driver will wait until the dolmus is full, before the journey begins. Passengers pay according to the distance traveled and can get in and out whenever and wherever they want to by informing the driver. It is a very practical means of transport and much cheaper than a taxi. The dolmus fares are determined by municipalities according to distances.
Taxis: Taxis are numerous all over Turkey and are recognizable by their yellow color and lighted “taxi” signs on top. Each taxi is metered, opening is 2.30 TL and there is only one rate. Tipping is not necessary, however leaving the change or rounding up the fare is customary.
FROM AIRPORT : Approximately 20 km.The best way to get to the Faculty form the airport is to take taxi.

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