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Dokuz Eylul University, Faculty of Business International Student and Scholar Office (ISSO) is established at 1994 to provide wide range of services like orientation, assistance, information and guidance for international students and scholars. Office   welcomes international students and scholars for exchange throughout the academic year in the scheme of ERASMUS+, Mevlana Program and collaboration protocols held by the Faculty mainly from  Europe and Asia- Pacific Region. She is not only present for welcoming students, but also sending students and scholars to partner institutions for exchange, summer school and short term projects. Faculty has around 70 agreements with esteemed Universities of South Korea, China, USA and Europe.

ISSO organizes International Week since 2007 as an internalization home activity for her students and in the meantime via international week it paves the way for promotion & networking.  As a new initiative, Faculty has started to participate / organize   BIP (Blended Intensive Programs) and COIL (Collaborative Online International Learning) activities since 2021 to improve the intercultural, multicultural, language and IT skills of the students.    Faculty of is a member of Nice Network, Businet and NIBS Network which deals with internationalization of business education and enhancing the quality of services.  Faculty is awarded with Nibs accreditation in the field of internationalization in January 2023.  She is also in the process of AACSB accreditation since 2019.





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