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Department of International Business and Trade was founded in 2008 under Faculty of Business. The medium of instruction is English at the department, additionally students have a chance to learn a second foreign language. In this framework, students are helped to develop their knowledge and skills in their career towards international institutions.Department of International Business and Trade offers theory and practice based interdisciplinary courses which integrate management, economics, accounting and finance, marketing, international trade, international business management courses in order to develop strategies and generate solutions for complex international business problems by considering the effects of international enviromental factors in dynamic structure of international business arena.


Graduates of the Department of International Business and Trade are employed at management positions in all types of firms operating at international level, foreign trade, banking and finance-related government agencies, municipal, regional and local trade agencies, chambers of commerce, free zones, economic development agencies etc.


The Silk Road, which has had a unique role in foreign trade and political relations, is the historic system of caravan trails that allowed trade to prosper and cultures to come in contact over the centuries. It reflects the extensive transcontinental network containing thousands of large and small routes acted as a junction between the East and West. Turkey is an important player which is located on this road and connects Asia and Europe. The Silk Road gets its name from silk which was the major trade item from China. Although the Silk Road has always been known as a trade route for material goods ranging from silk, gold and ivory to exotic animals and plants; ideas, religions, philosophies and various technologies also traveled along the Silk Road.

Accordingly, by deriving from the historical experience of the Silk Road, a good reflective example of the contemporary world trade, our motto indicates our commitment to contribute to the field of international business and trade by educating qualified professionals, entrepreneurs and academics.

extending the silk road through knowledge…